Sam’s Trilogy (2011)

Sam Vloemans’ recent compositions ‘Water, Air, Earth and Fire’, ‘Nightmusic’ and ‘Where’s the Party?’, broke down cultural, language and ages differences. Simply because his music and rhythm are universal.

Now the time is right for the grand finale. Sam Vloemans will showcase the three performances on one evening.

Trilogie van Sam Vloemans

Composition & concept:
Sam Vloemans

Joris Caluwaerts, Sterre De Raedt, César Janssens, Stijn Norga, Frank Peeters
Seba Thomé, Annemie Van Daele, Steven Van Gool, Ron van Stratum, Stoffel Verlackt,
Tom Verschoore, Sam Vloemans

Sound: Geert de Wit & Dries Meynckens
Light: Koen Corbet & Barbara de Wit

Where is the party? (2010)

César Janssens
Annemie Van Daele
Steven Van Gool
Stoffel Verlackt
Tom Verschoore/Carlo Mertens
Sam Vloemans

An evening with Sam (2009)

You can’t pin Sam Vloemans down to one musical genre. The past ten years he has swum through many musical waters.
Born in Curaçao, here he fell in love with latin and soul. Raised in Europe he took on jazz & funk.
Creative centipede? You bet.
In “An evening with” Sam presents an anthology of the past decade & shows a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

Sam Vloemans trumpet, flugelhorn, timbales, vocals, compositions, arrangements
Tom Verschoore trombones, vocals
Mike Roelofs rhodes, hammond, vocals
Bart Oostindie guitars, vocals
Steven van Gool acoustic & electric bass, vocals
Ron van Stratum drums & percussion


Bord du Nord (2008)

Sam found the inspiration for the music of Bord du Nord during a stay in Paris.

The city’s unique atmosphere has given birth to a romantic, melancholic sound.

The rich backgrounds and diverse approaches of the band members create
a singularly original mix, influenced by French chanson, Klezmer music,
Tango, Musette, classical music and jazz.

Sam Vloemans flugelhorn, trumpet, composition
Gwen Cresens bandoneon, accordion
Hendrik Braeckman guitar
Henk De Laat double bass
Louis Debij drums

Sabine Kühlich vocal
Esmé Bos lyrics


Nightmusic (2007)

Upon request of HETPALEIS, a theatre house for children, young people and artists in the heart of Antwerp, the young trumpet player Sam Vloemans has made a new composition for everyone aged four and over. He is inspired by lullabies from all corners of the world, the capricious course of sleep, and the oddities of the dream world.

Mike Roelofs rhodes, piano, hammond, Juno
Tom Verschoore trombones, tuba, piano, percussion, vocals
Frank Peeters electric & acoustic guitars, ukuele, vocals
Henk de Laat duble bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals
Ron van Stratim drums & percussion
Sam Vloemans trumpet, bugle, timbales, vocals


Water, air, earth & fire (2004)

Sam’s first production for theatre house HETPALEIS.

Trumpet player Sam Vloemans plays his musical interpretation of the four elements. He uses different music styles to bring the typical characteristics of the elements to life.

The music can drip gently into your ear and then burst out into a stormy, swinging jazz number. The leading trumpet player is accompanied by four first-rate musicians who contribute to creating the right sound and colour.
Music & concept by Sam Vloemans
Henk de Laat double bass, percussion & vocals
Sterre De Raedt violin, accordion, rhodes & vocals
Stijn Norga guitars, percussion & vocals
Louis Debij drums & percussion
Sam Vloemans trumpet, bugle, glockenspiel, timbales, percussion & vocals       Geert de Wit light & sound design


Mustique (2004)

This seven piece band starts from pointed jazz themes and consequently brews an easily inflammable mixture of latin and funk: an energic fusion that aimes at the limbs and may lead to a frenzied ‘descarga’.

Bruno Vansina alto- and tenorsaxephone
Tom Verschoore trombones and euphonium
Ron van Stratum drums and percussion
Henk de Laat electric bass
Amel Serra congas and percussion
Pieter van Malderen piano, Rhodes and keyboards                                                   Sam Vloemans trumpet , flugelhorn, composition & arrangement


sam vloemans quartet (2002)

Arno Krijger hammond
Henk de Laat double bass
Teun Verbruggen drums
Sam Vloemans trumpet & composition

grand groove (1999)

Stijn Norga guitar
Pieter van Malderen keys
Frank Deruytter / Wietse Meys / Tom Mahieu tenorsax
Kobe Proesmans / Peter Schneider congas
Steven van Looy electric bass
Jan Kris Vinken drums
Sam Vloemans trompet, composition & arrangements